Isn’t It Time For ASUU To Call Off Its Age-long Strike? – Aliu Ahmad Gold

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ASUU is constantly kneeling on the necks of Nigerian students and the Federal Government is busy taking pictures of the ugly incidents without remorse. Most of us are guilty of incautiously installing this hardship and insensitivity in 2015 (even though the ASUU conundrum has been perpetually unresolved for decades) and as if that wasn’t enough, we ignorantly repeated same mistake in 2019.

When would we seriously learn our lesson by electing someone whose undying passion for better and quality education and infrastructural developments is second to none?

The strike actions has been in existence for 9months or thereabouts (the longest in the country’s history) and in-between, there had been series of appeals, cries, lamentations, blames and all sorts of disgruntled gestures towards ASUU to sheathe its sword by simply dancing to the tune of the inconsiderate government, who feels it has nothing to lose, should the industrial actions go on for centuries.

What better way(s) could ASUU employ to fight its fight and win the race, in spite of the Federal Government’s continuous stance on not shifting grounds for whatever progressive reasons?

ASUU is fighting for the sustenance of impacting qualitative education and educational warranting environment for Sons and Daughters of “Mr Nobody” to be able to acquire education/knowledge with least possible means available at his disposal. But the FG’s bureaucratic foot-dragging will likely continue to delay the long anticipated students’ resumption. For a goodwill, should FG not by now release the withheld salaries? Guess it is FG’s bureaucracy too.

This is outright show of irresponsibility by the Federal Government. Will it have to take them forever to settle a simple issue of ASUU? It only shows your lack of seriousness and insincerity in handling the issue because (perhaps) it has little or nothing to do with the elites. But, I tell you the truth, a generation is rising up and that generation is already on ground who will fight the elites to a stand still till everything falls back to shape and everybody is treated correctly and rightly.

It is sad that some people agnostically feel ASUU is always trying to lay the blame on the government by bringing frivolous claims to divert the attention of the public from the real chide; requesting ASUU to disclose that the union stuck to its demand that its members are united in support of continued corruption that had been bedeviling the system from time immemorial. This is crazy and uncalled for.

Between ASUU and the Federal Government, who is protecting the economy and public interest? This shouldn’t be debating in all senses, it is glaring enough to see how much mismanagement and misappropriation that have taken places across different MDAs in the country, without anything being done. And sadly, this keeps repeating itself. A deliberate harm to the Nigerian people, it surely is. No doubt.

Meanwhile, I do not totally consider this Federal Government allocation to be a victory to ASUU until the funds (set to be released) are judiciously used and then years years of uninterrupted sessions is realized in Federal Universities. ASUU on its part, has been on and off for decades on buffer agreement, like a booby trap on the FG for their personal pursuit rather than education at all levels of learning!  What is the position of State Universities having unwittingly procrastinated for 8 months in the name of ASUU.

They have to now on their own fight their various States governments to push home their demands! This, in a nutshell, renders ASUU’s victory dysfunctional and a pyrrhic victory to the State Universities in Nigeria as well as the lower level of education (Primary And Secondary Schools).

Elsewhere, all these setbacks end at the bucks of the poor and helpless students. They are now left at the mercy of the landlords. Not forgetting the time wastage suffered that is irreplaceable and irretrievable. ASUU is undoubtedly fighting for the future of the younger generation, but the Federal Government seems to be less concerned about any future, let alone investing in the people.

So, for the sake of posterity, ASUU should just call off the strike so that students can go back to school. Only the gullible Nigerians would dare to insult the Union, because from my own perspective, what ASUU is striving to achieve is worth fighting for.

I believe that ASUU is a selfless Union and students would be the major beneficiaries of your demand if fulfilled. But if to say all your needs must be met before you could call off the strike, I think students will continue to languish at home till this administration is finished as our leaders are not after developing educational system.

Please, sheathe your swords!

Aliu Ahmad Gold is a graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

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Mohammed Abdulganiyu Haruna

He is a prolific writer and a BSc. and MSc. holder at the prestigious Universities, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria and University of Benin, Benin, Nigeria. He is also a freelance writer and a publisher of many articles and a book. He is a social worker by profession and a passionate and patriotic enthusiast. He has won many writing contests and given presentations on salient issues at different radio stations and news outlets. He has lectured at so many schools, recently, at University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. He is an accommodating and lovely person.

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