ENDSARS: UK’s Sanction Is Nothing Just As CNN Has Nothing – Lai Mohammed, FG

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In a recent interview given by Lai Mohammed on behalf of Federal Government of Nigeria, he claimed United Kingdom parliament sanction does not represent UK’s position on the alleged Lekki Massacre and ENDSARS.

He further in his rubbishing of CNN report, as CNN dares the warning of sanction by the FG, by saying CNN is just desperate and there was nothing new in their report. He also claimed CNN was not at the scene, so, it’s report can not be right than BBC’s report because BBC was there.

The UK Parliament’s Petitions Committee had on Monday 23 November 2020 debated the motion “that this House has considered e-petition 554150, relating to Nigeria and the sanctions regime.”

Petitions debates are general debates, which allow members of parliament from all parties to deliberate on crucial issues raised by one or more petitions, and put their concerns to government ministers.

A member of the Petitions Committee, Theresa Villiers MP, opened the debate, while the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office sent a minister to respond.

However, Mohammed in an exclusive interview yesterday said there was no reason for the FG to be worried by the UK Parliament’s resolution.

The minister stated that what the UK Parliament relied on to arrive at its resolutions were fake news and hearsay.

Mohammed said: “The federal government is not panicky at all. The resolution of the UK Parliament is not necessarily the decision of the UK government.

“And no responsible government will consider sanctioning the federal government based on fake news and hearsay without getting in touch with the government.

“Two issues – the resolution of the UK Parliament doesn’t represent the position of the government of the UK and only the government can sanction and parliament can only make resolutions.

“Secondly, we are very confident that no responsible government, no serious government, is going to consider imposing sanctions on other countries based on fake news and unverified videos.

“They will also do their own painstaking investigations and also ask for the side of the country. So, we have no reason to panic at all because we know that all the evidence before them is fake news- nothing of big news.”

Also reacting to CNN’s second report, the minister said he had watched the video and there was nothing in it to disprove Nigeria’s position that there were no fatalities arising from the Lekki Tollgate shootings as soldiers only fired blank bullets.

He added: “Nothing new – CNN is desperate and they are grasping at straws. I have watched the video. We have asked questions: where are the bodies they are claiming? And it is very important to do that. CNN was never at the gate on 20th October

“The BBC reporter that was there reported that the soldiers did not shoot into the crowd. And then the CNN is being clever by half.

“The same CNN on October 23 on its Twitter handle tweeted that 38 lives were lost. A month later after their so-called intensive investigation, they came out and said only one person was killed.

“And people are not even noticing this inconsistency. The truth of the matter is that CNN has been caught in the glare of its own fake news and misinformation and it is just struggling and you know we have written an official letter to CNN.

“The facts are clear. All the videos they are using, none of them can show us dead bodies. They claimed soldiers went and dumped the bodies elsewhere, so those people have no relations.

“They have no parents, and a month after they can’t come out and say my son and daughter went to the tollgate and did not come back. CNN was unprofessional, unfair and reckless.”.

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