EndSARS: Sowore sets to lead rejuvenation of another nationwide protest in Nigeria

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Some hours ago on Twitter platform, Sowore, the Nigerian human rights activist, former presidential candidate, pro-democracy campaigner,  and founder of an online news outlet known as Sahara Reporters has announced the start of new #ENDSARS on his Twitter handle.

The nationwide protest is set to be stage at most populous state in Nigeria, Lagos. The state was where the Lekki massacre was rumoured to have been perpetrated by Nigerian Army as Lekki area is located in Lagos. The Activist has sworn not to stop the protest until the demands are met by the Nigerian Government on Special Anti-Robbery Squad. The protest that lasted for more than a month in the last two months was considered to be for all corrupt practices in Nigeria and not just SARS brutality.

During the protest, many atrocities were rumoured to have been perpetrated more by the Nigerian Army and political figures by fuelling the rate of brutality towards human rights. Many peaceful protesters were killed and some were wounded both emotionally and physically. Recently, Sowore visited some peaceful protesters that were jailed for protesting peacefully in Abuja.

Another injustice were witnessed and recorded by eye-witness in Ibadan, Oyo State where civilians are being maltreated by the Nigerian Army on the street. It seems Nigeria is currently operating Military regime as there seems to be no order again. Human rights are being deprived everyday and the Activist has called for another nationwide protest.

Source: Sowore’s Twitter handle

The video above was recorded by an eye-witness and an interview was granted in regards to it by a victim. The transcript of the video is as follows.

Interviewer: “What happened at the scene?”

Victim: “We were stopped abruptly on a motorcycle with others. So, I was not afraid because I don’t have skeleton in my cupboard. He suddenly asked me to off my cap and I obediently did.

“Surprisingly, he forced me down and asked me to kneel down. I did. Then, he asked me to sit down. I did but asked him, what is my offense. But, he didn’t answer my question and responded with taking out a scissors from his pocket. He pierced my Afro cut mercilessly.

“After piercing my hair undesirably and beating me mercilessly, he still requested for money (bribe) to my amazement.”

The information about the protest resumption was shared by Sowore in the above flyer. The protest is set to start on Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 9AM prompt (GMT +1) at Allen junction, Lagos State.

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